SJOA treatment rooms are both elegant and functional. We aim to make the practitioner feel at ease and comfortable within the setting and have rooms which are sophisticated and very relaxing for the client. All rooms are well equipped for the practitioner’s needs and requirements.

We have four treatment rooms in total: 3 treatment rooms with adjustable plinths, and 1 training/rehab room.  All rooms have the benefit from natural light.

All rooms are supplied with:

Heating, ventilation, natural light, sink, hand towels and cleaning products, table and chairs, adjustable plinth with head rest, couch rolls, massage oil and towels.

All rooms are cleaned daily.

 Room 4 equipment:

Body Zen Yoga Block x5, Yoga Natural Cotton Strap 8ft x2

Club Core Roller x1, The Grid, Airex Coronella, Physical Neoprene Bone Dumbell Set, Super soft wrist and ankle weights, Physical step tube for beg and intermediate, Supaflex X-Band Loop Intermediate 15m roll, super flex X band Loop

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