We have a large range of art available for viewing and purchase. We support a number of local artists and collectors. Come and view our art, sculpture and silver smithery. We also have inexpensive products including handmade cards

At this time¬†we don’t have the facility for online purchases, but come and view our range of exciting art at our shop in St Johns Wood.

  • Street art
  • Photographic art
  • Silver smithery
  • Guest artists

Below is an example of the type of art and products in our collection, there are many more pieces to view and buy

Street art

<strong>Banksy 1st of 3 unsigned</strong>
Banksy 1st of 3 unsignedCrisis as usual
POA. This is one image of 3, all come framed with museum glass
SJOA team

<strong>Banksy 2nd of 3 unsigned</strong>
Banksy 2nd of 3 unsignedFlower thrower - GDP giveaway
POA high value pieces not kept on site, for a viewing please contact us
SJOA team

<strong>Banksy 3rd of 3 unsigned</strong>
Banksy 3rd of 3 unsignedBanksy Rat - GDP giveaway
POA Classic Banksy image please contact us for Viewing
SJOA team

<strong>Banksy unsigned</strong>
Banksy unsignedFlying Cop
POA with COA Not kept on site, for a viewing please contact us
SJOA team

<strong>Stik signed</strong>
Stik signedby Stik Man
POA. Framed
SJOA team

<strong>Lucas Price</strong>
Lucas PriceOil on Canvas
POA This is an example of one of Lucas’ finest pieces of work
SJOA team

<strong>David Kim Whittaker</strong>
David Kim Whittakeroil on canvas
POA Whittakers work is captivating
SJOA team

<strong>Pejak Lenticular</strong>
Pejak LenticularLINEA
POA with COA Not kept on site, for a viewing please contact us
SJOA team

Silver smithery

Martin Keane is one of the most inspirational silversmith working in the world today. He has been recognised for his unbelievable talent winning a number of awards including Goldsmiths in 2009 and 2010.

In October 2019 he was commissioned by Goldsmiths to design and make a unique piece to be added to their 400 year collection. This honour recognises his position as one of the top silversmiths of his generation.

SJOA are privileged to have some of his work for sale and viewing by appointment

<strong>Yin Yang Wine Carafe</strong>
Yin Yang Wine CarafeSterling Silver 2010
POA. This is one of our favourite pieces
SJOA team

<strong>Spiral Ikebane Vase</strong>
Spiral Ikebane VaseSterling Silver Acylic Body 2015
POA Stunning!
SJOA team

<strong>Carafe With Matching Beakers</strong>
Carafe With Matching BeakersSterling Silver with Gold Inlayed
POA. The true beauty of Martins work must be viewed
SJOA team

<strong>Carafe with Ebony Ball Foot</strong>
Carafe with Ebony Ball FootSterling Silver 2015
POA Elegant
SJOA team

Natasha Sorelli

Natasha is an artist specialising in hand cut and painted paper artworks. Drawing inspiration from nature, colour and form, she cuts and draws each component by hand, creating joyful artworks that are individual, imaginative and full of movement. Her precision and the attention to detail of each component guarantees that every work is unique.

“I love working with paper as it allows me to be absolutely precise with my incisions, and as my intent is to create movement not only in the subject matter but also within the medium, paper lends itself wonderfully to manipulation so that the birds or the butterflies literally take flight. I use predominantly Japanese chiyogami papers for their vibrant colours and luminescence, as well as Italian fine papers to reflect my heritage”

Natasha has her work featured on Saatchi Art

<strong>Circle of Circles</strong>
Circle of Circles Italian marbled paper infused with hints of gold which lifts and gives light to the artwork
The artwork is signed by the artist and is provided in a soft white wooden box frame, ready to hang. The dimensions given are of the frame.
SJOA team

The bronze paper reflects light back into the room and brings vibrance to this piece
Butterflies are predominantly a symbol of transformation due to their amazing process of metamorphosis
SJOA team

<strong>Bronze Mandala</strong>
Bronze MandalaI used beautiful and luminescent Japanese bronze unryu paper which glistens in the light as well as a geometric Japanese paper
Movement is brought into this piece by layering and raising different elements, creating a striking 3D effect
SJOA team

<strong>On A Roll Collage</strong>
On A Roll Collageinspired by Katsushika Hokusai's beautiful - The Great Wave off Kanagawa
The ocean is a symbol of power, strength, life, mystery, hope and truth. And the dolphin represents transcendence, friendship and playfulness
SJOA team

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