<strong>Byron Spiers BOst LicAc</strong>
Byron Spiers BOst LicAcOsteopath and Acupuncturist

Byron is trained in both Osteopathy and Acupuncture. Byron specialises in resolving pain and injury using his unique blend of osteopathic techniques, soft tissue release, trigger point acupuncture and traditional acupuncture. Although the principles of Chinese medicine and Western osteopathy may appear to be far from one another they are in fact very similar; they both use techniques to attain balance throughout the body internally and externally.This blend of trigger point acupuncture, traditional acupuncture and osteopathy provides a fast resolution to pain for people of all ages.

Reduce long term pain

Using his blend of trigger point acupuncture, traditional acupuncture and osteopathy Byron has a diverse skill set and has a history of helping people with long term pain

Improve performance

Byron works with both amateur and professional sports people to resolve injuries, reduce injury frequency and improve performance.
Byron does this by bringing balance back to antagonistic muscle groups reducing muscular and fascial restrictions.

Byron is a family man with two young children, he has been a keen martial artist since the age of ten, and also enjoys cooking, socialising and spending time with his family. Byron believes that laughter and having fun is an important part of everyday life.

I cannot recommend Byron enough. He is the best osteopath / acupuncturist I have come across thus far. I had a pain in my shoulder and back of the leg for almost four years and after only five sessions, it has completely gone. He is outstanding with pain management and healing. Shame he cannot be cloned so that my family and friends abroad could have sessions with him too!
Angela M

<strong>Matt Turner BOst MSc</strong>
Matt Turner BOst MScOsteopath and Specialist Paediatric Osteopath

Matt has a great passion and belief in osteopathy and its ability to heal and enhance well-being. He has a wide range of patients or all ages and from all walks of life who he tries to fix as quickly as possible using a combination of osteopathic techniques. He has a special interest in treating babies and young people and helping them overcome the injuries and obstacles to development that life invariably brings about.

Matt regularly undertakes continuing professional development and has various qualifications in cranial osteopathy, western medical acupuncture, muscle and joint manipulation. He has particular interest in the development of posture and the factors that may affect it. He is registered with the General Osteopathic Council, fully insured and covered by most healthcare insurers including BUPA, Prudential, Cigna and Norwich Union.

Paediatric Osteopathy

Matt studied for 2 years at the Foundation for Paediatric Osteopathy to gain a Masters qualification and then volunteered for 2 years at the Osteopathic Centre for Children. He has extensive experience working with babies with all sorts of problems, especially feeding issues and those related to difficult and traumatic deliveries. He often works with adolescents, helping maintain a healthy postural development during a time of rapid change and growth.

Matt did wonders for my daughter’s health, both physical and mental. Totally trusted and intuitive healer.
Ginny P
Matt is an excellent osteopath. I have seen him for a few years, more recently he has helped me recover from a fall. Having someone who listens and works with you is so important and Matt does that brilliantly; he also has a great sense of humour. I cannot recommend him enough!
Becky Y

<strong>Rupert French MAR</strong>
Rupert French MARReflexologist

Rupert’s first encounter with reflexology was about 15 years ago, when suffering from a bout of stress-related insomnia. Having explored other avenues without success, he decided to give reflexology a try. One treatment was all it took to break the cycle of his insomnia and this inspired him to find out more.

Since graduating from the Central London School of Reflexology in 2004, he has studied and continues to study many different forms and approaches to reflexology. This has enabled him to adapt his treatments to whatever is needed. Whether it is helping someone overcome a niggling injury, treating a client with a chronic auto-immune condition or giving a deep blissful stress-busting treatment; these all require different approaches, techniques and pressures.

One of Rupert’s aims is to help change people’s perception of reflexology, as not only a relaxing spa treatment but also a clinical therapy that helps people recover from myriad illnesses, with the emphasis being more on how the client feels after the treatment than the treatment itself.

As well as working on the feet, Rupert was one of the first therapists in the UK to train in Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem in 2006, a therapy he finds particularly effective when working with hormonal imbalances.

He also offers a specialist anti-ageing facial massage, Japanese Facial Lifting, a treatment that combines elements of the facial reflexology treatment with traditional Japanese facial massage and lymphatic drainage techniques.

Rupert works with all types of conditions but specializes in pain & stress relief, pregnancy, menopause and anti-aging. 

<strong>Jacquiline Agyepong (BSC hon. LSSM SMA)</strong>
Jacquiline Agyepong (BSC hon. LSSM SMA)Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist
A former Olympic Athlete with a degree in Sports and Exercise Rehabilitation, Jacqui uses her experience of 20 years in exercise and rehabilitation to treat injuries using deep tissue massage, mobilisation, myofascial release and stretches. Jacqui’s background in sports and sports rehab complements the alternative treatments available at SJOA.

<strong>Soliman Laurence</strong>
Soliman LaurenceNaturopathic Health Consultant and Multi Dimensional Bodyworker Naturopath, M.C.Ir.A, R.C.Ir, ICNM (BRCP) MDB
Soliman Laurence is a Naturopathic Health Consultant and Multi Dimensional Bodyworker with a broad experience rooted within a family herbal tradition. He has a background in the martial arts, esoteric internal alchemy and fitness.

Soliman’s multi dimensional body therapy incorporates advanced techniques such as remedial soft tissue release, trigger point therapy, functional stretching, marma cranial point work, traditional Thai massage, Thai foot massage, Chavutti Thirumal and marma/meridian massage.These techniques assist to realign tissues that have become dysfunctional through over use, inactivity, injury, poor posture or poor breathing.These techniques facilitate the rebalancing between vital energy, structure and function.

Working at Weider Health and Fitness for five years, he assisted top level bodybuilders, sports persons and the avid health seeker with diet, nutritional supplementation, exercise regimes, motivation and focus – retention. Soliman was the Senior Nutritionist at the Nutri Centre/ Hale Clinic in London’s Park Crescent for ten years. In 2001 the Evening Standard placed him as one of the top three nutritionists  in London. In 2006 he was featured and pictured in the centre pages of the Evening Standard’s, Massage/Bodywork: A Connoisseur guide. He has showcased Chavutti Thirumal and Marma Vidya Bodywork at the London Spa Show Olympia.  Soliman was also the nutrition columnist for the lifestyle magazine ‘DRUM’ live life to a different beat, as well as featuring in various newspaper and magazine articles.

Soliman interweaves Eastern and Western healing principles such as good diet, iris constitutional values (not diagnoses), tonic herbs, cell salts, nutritional supplementation, exercise and integrated bodywork techniques.

My weekly treatments with Soliman have enabled me to come back to regular and intense sports training. I live pain-free and my mobility has improved. After the first session, my chronic lower back pain was gone and I was able to train for the first time in months. As a full-time mother to a small toddler, I also highly recommend Soliman’s treatments to mothers who do all the carrying and whose backs suffer from incorrect posture. Soliman is indeed the top specialist of his field that I have come across in London in my decade of living here. I am very grateful.
Kristina N
I cannot recommend Soliman highly enough. He has an enlightened holistic approach to the physiology of the body and this coupled with his intuitive understanding of a client’s state of mind is a rare mix in one person. This magic combination imbues Soliman’s treatment with instinctive precision and I always feel better for seeing him.
Karen P

<strong>Ameet Bhakta BSc</strong>
Ameet Bhakta BScPostural Alignment Specialist (Egoscue University)

Ameet is an expert in bringing the body back to natural alignment so that his clients can live pain free. He’s a qualified Biochemist and Postural Alignment Specialist. He personally suffered from chronic back pain and RSI and now that he is pain free, has dedicated his life to helping others end their pain too.

The Egoscue Method, a form of Posture Therapy, is a revolutionary and trusted method for ending pain permanently and naturally. After analysing your posture to find your specific imbalances, Ameet uses targeted stretching and strengthening exercises to realign your posture and get you pain free.

If you want a life pain free, Ameet is the therapist you should see. His focused programme of tailor made exercises have resolved my long standing neck and shoulder stiffness over just a few weeks. His empathy, enthusiasm and encouragement lead to success stories like mine. I have been recommending him and the Egoscue Method to several patients since experiencing amazing results myself.
Dr Shobana Sreetharan
I’d been experiencing pain in my hips for 3 years, pain in my upper back for 20 years and unable to walk. The consultant advised that, apart from painkillers, there was nothing they could do for me. I was determined to challenge the consultant’s view and research led me to the Egoscue Method. Six months on with Ameet, I’m pain free and walking the dog for an hour a day.
Attitude Coach

<strong>Felicity Fine BA Hons (Psychology) LCH MCH RS Hom</strong>
Felicity Fine BA Hons (Psychology) LCH MCH RS HomHomeopath

Felicity has been in practice for over 20 years and is passionate about an integrated approach to healthcare.  She consulted for many years at the birth unit of the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth as well as at Viveka – an integrated healthcare clinic which provided a team of GPs, gynaecologists, paediatricians and complementary practitioners working together.

Her background in psychology and counselling enriches her work with both adults and children for both acute and chronic complaints.  Her busy clinics, insight and friendly practical style have had a profound effect on many families. She firmly believes that Homeopathy has a place for managing health issues, offering emotional support and enhancing preventative healthcare.

Although she consults broadly, she has a special interest in women’s health issues including fertility, pregnancy and menopause, as well as caring for babies, children and teenagers and anxiety and emotional issues.

Felicity teaches Homeopathy in the UK and abroad and has run training courses in the use of Homeopathy for midwives, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals, as well as running workshops for the public.

She is a co-author of Birth and Beyond (Random House 2002) and A-Z of Mother and Baby Health (Random House 2007) which were written with Yehudi Gordon, Harriet Sharkey and Andy Raffles.

Being South African, Felicity loves the sun, surfing, hiking, opera, and holidays with a hint of adventure to entice her children to come along.

<strong>Lara Stapleton</strong>
Lara StapletonYoga Teacher and Aromatherapist

Lara Stapleton, a qualified aromatherapist and yoga teacher, has extensive training in Hatha and Scaravelli Yoga and has been teaching for over twelve years. She was originally trained by the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center in Canada and has since gone on to train with Erich Schiffmann (Los Angeles, USA), The Krishnamacharya Mandiram (Chennai, India) specialising in therapeutic yoga, Tias Little and John Stirk. Uniting the two disciplines, she created Yogaroma in 2004, taking students on a healing, transformative and nurturing journey. With special attention on breath and alignment, the body can soften and heal from within, releasing deeply rooted emotional blockages, pain and tension. Lara puts her sensitivity as a teacher down to a strong one to one approach: “I’m able to adapt yoga to the individual rather than the individual to yoga. This enables you to explore postures in greater depth, working on individual areas of resistance, alignment, injury and practice. Moving through the practice, you will gain a greater understanding of how to allow the body to open, unfold, connect to gravity and JUST BE, allowing the asana to develop as an expression of the bodies natural movement without force.” There is emphasis on right and skillful action to bring inner peace, balance and harmony. 

My yoga experiences with Lara stayed with me for a long time…Amazing lady with the perfect touch. I just need enough time to have more of Lara in my life!
Tina Hobley, Actress
<strong>Katalin Kaczvinski</strong>
Katalin KaczvinskiSoft tissue therapist, Sports and Remedial Massage

Katalin is a graduate of London School of Sports Massage, holding a Soft Tissue Therapy Diploma and a Bachelor’s Sport Science Degree. In addition she is a qualified Master REHAB Trainer and Personal Trainer. As a professional her goal is to help reduce stress and tension, which build up in the body’s soft tissue – muscles – during physical activity, increase flexibility, improve sport performance and circulation. She treats all minor and chronic injuries whether cause through sport or any other lifestyle factor, using massage and more advance techniques, aiming to identify the underlying causes of problems and offer more long-term improvements in injury prevention and physical wellbeing. 

<strong>Sophia Spiers</strong>
Sophia SpiersClinic Manager

Sophia, our clinic manager, is a fully qualified hypnotherapist and has been practising hypnotherapy for over 10 years now. But interestingly, it’s Sophia’s work in TV that has helped her bring a wealth of experience to the clinic; from PA’ing for top TV execs, post-production scheduling and TV acquisitions. A mother of two, Sophia has a friendly approach and believes that to make a success of the clinic, you have to put the client’s needs first and make the practitioners feel that the clinic is a home away from home. Always accommodating and efficient, Sophia oversees the day to day running of the clinic and looks after all practitioners.

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